My Story


My Story: why a doula?

<-- that's me there! And this section explains the tiger. My name is Katie and I currently work at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa. I am surrounded by those who are full of passion. I discovered mine when I became pregnant with my first son: all things pregnancy, labor, delivery, breastfeeding. 

My first delivery was an emergency C-section. It was not my birth plan, but it taught me some invaluable lessons: 1) plan, but also prepare! And 2) all birth is birth. 

My second delivery was a VBAC at a local area hospital after I went into preterm labor. We had an 11 day NICU stay after that. I believe both of my pregnancies, labors and deliveries equipped me to be a doula in a very special way.


My Sister's Story: acting as doula

The birth of my nephew at a local area birthing center was something I will never forget. It reaffirmed this is my calling. This is where I am meant to be. I hope to share this with you and yours. 


My Future Story: testament from a friend

"...You always just listen and know exactly what to say in any situation I throw at you. All that being said, I have to tell you how excited I am for you and proud I am of you for going after your newest passion as a doula.  You are so good at whatever you do and I know there are so many women/families that are going to be so blessed to have you by their side on such an important day in their lives. You are going to rock being a doula!" --Tisha C.

Testimonials & Reviews


"I was slow to write this because even as someone with yentamouth I still find myself at a loss for just the right words to describe how truly amazing Katie is. As someone in social work, I can do babies blindfolded with my hands behind my back.. but as a new mom about to give birth I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or what I was really in for. That's where Katie came in. Any silly question, and weird concern, day or night Katie was there to support me during the last leg of my pregnancy. My labor started at 230 am, I'm panicking in my shower, Katie was my voice of reason- calm down, take things slow, we've got this. In the birth center she worked alongside my family and midwives, and was as present or distant as needed. She guided me through 14 hours of labor, at least 8 being hands on. There were moments I'd lose faith in my abilities and Katie was there to support me and reassure me of what I was capable of doing. Katie wasn't the only one helping me through my labor but she was definitely my rock; making sure I was drinking enough to stay hydrated, putting pressure on my back to help with contractions, helping me to find my center, encouraging me as I needed it, suggesting changes and helping me transition.. the list really could go on, she was indispensable. Here now two weeks later I look at my daughter and I have Katie to thank for such a wonderful experience." --Ophelia


"There are few moments in my life where I feel my world completely changed by the presence of a new person. I can say without a doubt that one of those moments was the day I decided to make Katie my Doula. I contacted her late in my pregnancy. Being an expecting single mom, I had the natural worries and anxieties. She worked with me, we set a plan, and she completely put my mind at ease. Throughout the entire process she was nothing but compassionate, kind, understanding, professional, knowledgeable, and carried with her a calming peace. Throughout my laboring and delivery process, she kept me grounded, focused, and helped promote the birth preference and goals that I wanted for myself and my beautiful baby girl. I had a long labor, of which Katie never left my side. She fueled me when necessary, coached me, and praised me on the exact moment I thought I was going to give up. After about 34 hours my beautiful daughter entered the world. I cried, held Katie's hand, completely overwhelmed with the emotion of having gone through this. I was also completely at peace knowing that she was by my side along with my loving family and friends to witness the birth of my daughter. Without a doubt I could not have done this without her. She was the pillar of strength and love I needed during a time where I felt the most vulnerable in my life. I highly recommend her, her business, her services, and everything she embodies. Your life will be immensely blessed with her being a part of your birthing journey. She's completely selfless and puts your needs above hers, ensuring that you and your little bundle of joy experience the miracle of life with nothing but love, strength and peace."--Anna